Static Guttering
We stock guttering, downpipes and fittings in different colours.  If you can't find what you're looking for please ring 01262 424210 or e-mail and we'll do our very best to help you.

DLS Guttering

DLS Holiday Home Guttering 2m - (12 per van).  Comes in 2 colours.

DLS Gutter Joiner

GUT12 37981

DLS Holiday Home Gutter Joiner in 3 colours.  (8 per van)

DLS Downpipe Connector

GUT14 37417
DLS Holiday Home Downpipe Connector (4 per van).  Comes in 3 colours.

DLS Gutter Mounting


DLS Holiday Home Gutter Mounting (32 per van).  Comes in 3 colours.

End Cap

GUT30 45719
End Cap (pair) - Eltherington design - available in 3 colours.

DLS End Cap

GUT28 45702

Fits the aluminium guttering on Willerby caravans.  Please note that they do not fit to the very top.

DLS End Cap (pair) - mainly used on Willerby and BK Bluebird caravans - available in 2 colours.

DLS Gutter End Cap

GUT18 37424
DLS Holiday Home Gutter End Cap (Price is for RH + LH pair).  Comes in 3 colours.

DLS Downpipe

DLS Holiday Home Downpipe 2.3m long - 65mm x 40mm - comes in 5 colours.

DLS Downpipe Clips

GUT22 37349
DLS Holiday Home Downpipe Clips 65mm - comes in 7 colours.

DLS Downpipe Connector

DLS Holiday Home Downpipe Connector (for 65mm x 40mm downpipe) - comes in 4 colours.

Fluted Downpipe 76mm x 76mm

Royal Europa Fluted Downpipe 76mm x 76mm - 2.17m long - comes in 4 colours

Fluted Offset Bend

Royal (fluted) Offset Bend in 4 colours

Fluted Downpipe Clip

GUT62 42510
Fluted Downpipe Clip in 4 colours - you need 2 of these to screw to caravan

Square Line Guttering


Square Line Guttering - 112mm x 2m.  Used by Regal, Victory, ABI, Atlas, Swift and others.  Available in white, green & brown.

Square Line Gutter Joiner

Square Line Gutter Joiner - Available in 3 colours.

Square Line Gutter Hopper

Square Line Gutter Downpipe Hopper - available in 3 colours

Square Line Gutter Bracket


Square Line Gutter Bracket - available in 4 colours.

Square Line Gutter End Cap

Square Line Gutter End Cap - available in 3 colours.

Square Line Downpipe

Square Line Downpipe - 65mm x 65mm x 2.5m - Available in white, green, brown, quarry grey, black & sandstone.

Square Line Downpipe Clip

Square Line Downpipe Clip - available in 6 colours.